Jims Automotive - Worst Company ever dealt with

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We bought a car from Jims Car company in Mt Vernon,Ohio.When we bought the car ,we noticed after they cleaned the price of the car off the window.It was cracked,The engine problems,wiper motor doesnt work,Convertable top wont go up most of the time.The tires were bald when we bought them.And they wouldnt do a thing.I called the finance COMPANY over & over for Months.I got hung up on,Sooo many times I cant even count.I sent numerous faxes & they didnt seem to get any of them,well it would depend on who I spoke with.The last straw yesterday 7-21-2010 one of the collections hung up on me & THEN SHE CALLED ME BACK AND TOLD ME I WAS ACTING LIKE A CHILD.I told her I bought a car I CANT DRIVE.I,M PISSED.

So dont buy a car from Jims automotive in Mt Vernon,Ohio.They are crooks....

Review about: Faulty Car.

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